Certified Quality Products

All products sold by Sharing Treasure have certified quality. GlobalGAP is a set of internationally recognized standards on good agricultural practice (GAP - Good Agricultural Practice).

With this certification, Sharing Treasure demonstrates that it meets the demanding requirements of the GlobalGAP standard, reviewed annually.

For consumers and resellers, the GlobalGAP certificate is a guarantee that food complies with quality and safety standards, and that it has been produced following sustainability criteria, respecting the safety, hygiene and well-being of workers and respecting the environment.

GRASP Program translates consumer requirements through Good Practices applied on farms, thus guaranteeing not only the quality of our products, but also food safety, environmental sustainability, worker safety and good social practices

Integrated Production Mode

Integrated production is an agricultural system for the production of quality agricultural products and foodstuffs, based on good agricultural practices, with rational management of natural resources and privileging the use of natural regulation mechanisms in place of production factors, thus contributing , for sustainable agriculture.

The methods used in integrated production are similar to those of organic farming. Both allow, with a reduced degree, the use of phytochemicals, but the essential difference is the criterion of exclusivity of organic farming by excluding, almost entirely, the application of synthetic chemicals on plants or soil, tolerated with some conditions, in production integrated.

Technical department


All of our producers count on the assistance / advice in order to prevent and correct the problems that may arise on the farms through technical support.

Quality control

We care for the quality of our products with a strict quality control in order to meet the demands of the markets.