Our history


Sharing Treasure, Lda, is a family business with more than 20 years of experience acquired in the Netherlands, which was born with the purpose of dedicating itself to the production and commercialization of blueberries and currants.

We have our own production of approximately 11 hectares Blueberry and 2 hectares of Redcurrants, located in the north of Portugal in Guimarães, and currently produces about 130 tons of blueberries and 20 tons of currants a year.

We also have for sale fruit from local producers about 200 tons of blueberries and 20 tons of redcurrant, which are distinguished by their high quality standards.

Our Goal


The commercialization of fruit and support to several producers in the north of Portugal, who developed projects for the creation of production units.

In this way, supplying them with our equipped facilities in order to maintain the quality of their products from production to the customer and thus meeting the highest demands of modern distribution.

In this way, executing the packaging / disposal of its fruits under strict quality standards, for our main commercial partners, thus allowing producers to focus on the production of quality fruit.

Our Mission


To be an international quality reference in the sector of red fruits, which allows us to respond to the trends in the demand for an increasingly healthy diet.

The Values


Quality - Quality is the guiding principle, as customer satisfaction is our greatest objective.

Ethics and Respect - To be a fair and transparent company, doing not only what is necessary, but what is correct.

Commitment - We are committed to taking the commitment to our customers, suppliers and employees seriously.

Flexibility - We try to understand the needs of each client, customizing our services and products according to the needs of each one.